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Don't know where to start with pricing?

We've all been there. But there's unbridled amount of info about how to price.

Unfortunately, unless you're into reading science journals (like we are) most of that info is hidden away. We've sifted through a haystack of information and chomped it down so it's an easy ride for you.

MindMafia. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDS. Because blackmail is illegal. Brainy persuasion is not. GET FREE TIPS, backed by psychology

Pricing sucking the life out of your business?

You need to up the stakes!

Learn more about PsychoPricing

Psychology powered, without the long words.

No fluff. All based on science. Get inside your customer's head and learn how to spark sales.

Make every second count.

Get advice backed by psychology & neuroscience. No more finger-in-the-wind guessing. Clear advice, in a fun and easy to follow process.


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