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For little business owners with big ambitions

"How can he charge THAT much?!"

Little business?

All these tools will help you spark a sale. You'll find many free guides and tools on this page.

All powered by psychology, behavioral science, and a dash of fun.


Need to write an article? 

Script a video? 

Not sure where to start?

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Don't put off launching your new thing!

Learn how to price easily.

It's time to get PsychoPricing.

Fix my price problems


Struggling to create a headline? 

Use the fun generator!

Tweak it, or go fully random :)

Make Magic Headlines

Bad pricing sucking the life out of your business?

You need to up the stakes!

Preview the pricing course right now - it's free, so check it out by clicking the button below. Such a nice button. Don't you want to tickle it?  Go on. Button is so looooonely.

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Seven Deadly Pricing Sins

Are you committing one of them?

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Got unruly customers who just won't behave? This is how to train your customers. Download the free guide on how humans and monkeys think about money the same - and what that means for your business.

How to train your customers

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