3 Things every marketer needs to know.

clarity marketing structure Jan 31, 2018

Ever wonder if you’re sending mass communications without knowing what the result should really be? Did you know you could be making it harder for your customers to make choices?

Use these 3 simple tips to make your customers love you.


If you’re writing to your customers, ask yourself WHY. Do they really need a midweek update on what you had for lunch? If you’re sending an email you better be selling something. Or communicating something of importance TO THEM. Who wants to read an email with zero information for them? None of us. Not you, not me, not even my dog. The pro’s write a blog with a point, a call to action at the end. Check you actually make your point clear. Are you trying to increase your authority? Are you asking them to make a decision? Or are you just telling them a bunch of random info? Want people to make a decision? THEN TELL THEM. Write it in humongous letters in a massive BOLD FONT AT THE TOP.


Remember back in your youth, when you were standing in that small-town backstreet nightclub with the sticky floor and low lighting? Whispering was never going to get you a date. You need to chat up that sexy stranger. It’s nearly closing time. The time for subtle hints is over. Do you want to see them again? The beat of the music is pounding, the deafening bass sounds kill all conversation, and so your best bet is to hold up a bar napkin and the half-chewed barmaid’s biro and shout GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER! While pointing at the napkin. Repeatedly. LIKE AGAIN. And AGAIN.

Life is a lot like a loud nightclub. Loud. Busy. Filled with people you’d rather avoid. You want your customers to take action? You better tell them exactly what you want.

There is nothing wrong, and everything right, with writing an email that says in the very first line “SIGN UP BY 28 JANUARY TO GET THE BONUS” or “THIS IS YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING”. For the love of cake, don’t make me read the whole page to find out. You’re keeping me from my gin.

We’ve tested the shouting-with-napkin version of communicating (using actual behavioural science, and 600 people). Guess what? When people actually know what they need to do, they take action.


If you want your customers to make a decision, tell them. Give them a date. Tell them exactly what all the steps are. Give them a checklist with all the things they need to do on the page. In the order that they need to do them. Want them to drag your emails from the Gmail Promotions tab into their inbox, so you don’t get swept into the folder-of-no-return? Make then a screenshot. Or a screencast. Give them pictures.


It’s so simple to test what works. And those times when testing is out of reach, then there’s a wealth of best-practice you can draw on. Previously tested emails, web copy, user design. Messages that science says WORKS. Try that.


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