Do you need to horse around more?

entrepreneur Jan 22, 2020
A phrase that’s always struck me is "attention is the antidote to boredom". When you’re bored – whether it is of work, or running around a park wishing you hadn’t eaten all the pies in December, there’s the same problem: You’ve mentally checked out.

When you’re bored of yourself. When you’re bored of the food on your plate. When you’re bored of your clients/your website/your bank account balance - it all stems from the same place: A lack of action. A lack of attention.

How many times have you said "I really should read that book I bought", or "I really should learn how to write a sales page". Except you get sucked into an email vortex, or having meetings, or making lunch when it’s only 11am because doing your taxes makes you both nauseous and VERY HUNGRY at the same time.

Equally, when you stop feeding your brain with new information, your brain gets bored and goes on strike. At which point your motivation slinks off into a corner, circles three times, and settles down for a nice long nap.

Ignoring the important issues that really can boost your business? Then a tsunami of emails, meetings and website edits will try to drown you, as you get washed along by the daily river of Things That Need To Be Done (but that can probably wait).

You need input. You need to learn new skills. Because you’re the most important person in your business. YOU are your most valuable asset. If you were giving yourself an annual review – what have you learned in the last twelve months? Imagine you’re pitching yourself for a promotion: Which skills have you added lately? How have you become a more valuable ‘employee’?
So shake it up. Learn something new. Fix one of the ‘big’ things.

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