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You're already a customer, and need to chat to us about your next mooove. Or maybe you're udderly stuck. Or not quite sure how to fully milk the course (etc.).   

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Need to chat to a human? A human called Hannah? Want to book a 1-2-1 session on pricing or any other behavioural review or your work? I got you, boo.

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Got a whole sales team or bunch of product managers? Want them to be pricing ninjas? Or learn how to negotiate using psychology, because it's always nice to win, isn't it?

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General Contact

Phone: +44 20 8144 4251
Email: [email protected]

GMT  10:00 - 18:00 

We're based in the UK, but we're up late - if you need us at a specific time, let us know and we'll break out the coffee. Roughly speaking we're around for our America cousins:

PST   06:00 - 12:00

EST   14:00 - 23:00

AEDT ... Australians, you might want to email so we can get a nanna nap in before the call :) 

Corporate Headquarters

Behave London PO Box 659, Brentford, United Kingdom, TW8 1BT


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