Starting a small business?   

Master marketing before you spend a penny on websites, stock images, or a bazillion templates.

Because being confident in what you want to say is going to save you time, money, tears, and your sanity.


Marketing Mini-Kit

Because you’re tired of knowing where to start. And we've been there. 

Marketing Mini-kit is a video and workbook-based digital course you can do anywhere, anytime.

Because if you don't have the basics pulled together, you're going to spend money, and a whole lot of time learning the hard way.

We left corporate jobs IN CHARGE OF MARKETING and even we had a huge learning curve on marketing a small business. Let us help you get there quicker (and cheaper). 

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Here's a few things you'll learn

  • How to get your message across to your potential customers.
  • How to create fun marketing headlines easily (and repeatedly).
  • The best time to market to a new customer.
  • How to create a sales script for your business that you can use for your sales page, brochures, and pitches because it's aligned to how people's minds process information.
  • How to avoid the seven deadly pricing sins that kill your sales and profits.
  • How to gather the essential information about your customer in order to best sell to them.
  • Pull together the information your customer needs from YOU.

What if you could get your marketing sorted before you dive into your website, sales pitches, and customer calls, so that you know EXACTLY what to say (or write) now. 

No more scrambling around looking for the pieces every time you have to do something. The marketing mini-kit helps you get your brand story (and marketing strategy) straight. 

Also included: Marketing for lazy people - A list of shortcuts you can use to make your business look professional and glossy, without busting the bank.


Marketing Mini-Kit EARLY BIRD

You get

  • Instant access to background materials
  • A dedicated FB group for early sign-ups where you can ask questions
  • Take part in the live workshops coming in Early May

Get early access.

The Marketing Mini-Kit will be an on-demand online course you can access anytime. Sign up before 4 May 2021 and you get to be part of the live training elements and have direct access to ask questions in the Facebook group. The live elements of the course will film between 5-10 May.  

Many of the elements of the course are ready for you to dive into now - and you get the live-course experience, with support, for an incredibly low price. 

All materials for the course will be available by 10 May. 

Learn the Marketing Secrets That Only the World’s Top Marketing Professionals Know—and Don’t Just Guess If Your Marketing Strategy Is Right. Guarantee It.

Do you know what your customer needs? 

How to interest them in what you're selling? 

Should you diss your competitors? 

Learning how to market and sell your small business might feel like a rollercoaster—but it shouldn’t.

If you’re just guessing at how to reach your customers, it’s likely that you’re letting thousands of dollars slip right through the cracks...every single week. In fact, guessing is the worst thing you can do: it’s highly likely that you’ll guess wrong.

That’s because most people believe that your marketing should appeal to the widest possible audience, when in fact that's the WORST tactic ever. 

That’s right, you want to be hated. 

It’s the first step to creating marketing that makes customers want you and Superstar-level profits, and it all has to do with the science behind how people really make buying decisions.

With their emotions. You'll learn the psychology of how people buy, and how to get your message across clearly.


Here's what customers had to say about our other courses...this one hasn't launched yet! 

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Sophie Michals, (SM) Edits

Hannah's PsychoPricing course was immeasurably valuable.

I devoured the course and watched several of the videos multiple times. The course changed the way I think about pricing and helped me  price and package my services in a way that makes sense.

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Rhonda Hale-Tournay

Hannah is a Pricing Goddess!

I’ve just finished PsychoPricing and it was beyond expectation.

There is a method to the madness of pricing. Understanding human behaviour, psychology and the neuroscience behind pricing is a game changer. Now to implement all that I have learned! I can’t thank you enough!

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Jenn Whinnem


THANK YOU HANNAH I am already feeling so much more confident for launch!

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