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Price Your Stuff Without Ever
Wondering If It’s “Right” Again

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Here's a few things you'll learn

  • How to sell 10x more—literally 10X more, as proven with research—by using a little trick I like to call, “jam bam".
  • How a basketball player is the best thing that ever happened to your prices.
  • How to create a bandaid that takes the “pain of paying” away for your customer.
  • How to boost your sales with a basketball player.
  • How to create an ugly duckling of a price, that’s secretly going to be a golden goose.
  • How to get a customer to want what you’re selling by matching their inner view of the world – AND the specific phrases to use.
  • The two things you should never sell together.
  • Why expecting your customers to be rational is asking them to be a crazy axe-murderer.
  • Why you should avoid discounts, and what to do instead.
  • The best time of day to catch a customer in your checkout.
  • And - the simple picture that will massively boost your sales.

PsychoPricing is easy to follow and easy to action

What if you could boost your profits without changing what you sell?

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Learn the Pricing Secrets That Only the World’s Top Psychologists Know—and Don’t Just Guess If Your Prices Are Right. Guarantee They Are.

Is your price too high? 

Is it too low? 

Should you offer three options? 

Pricing your stuff might feel like a crapshoot—but it shouldn’t.

If you’re just guessing at your prices, it’s likely that you’re letting thousands of dollars slip right through the cracks...every single week. In fact, guessing is the worst thing you can do: it’s highly likely that you’ll guess wrong.

That’s because most people believe that your prices should be attractive—when, in fact, the very first thing you want to do is create an unattractive price. 

That’s right, unattractive! As in dragged-through-a-hedge, dirty-knees, stinky breathy, morning-after-a-big-party ugly. It’s the very first step to creating Beyonce-level profits, and it all has to do with the science behind how other people perceive your prices—not the actual price itself. And that means that there’s far more to pricing than the numbers on a page than you probably ever knew. 


Introducing PsychoPricing

Because you’re tired of wondering if it should cost $97 or $997. Which is not really the tagline, but it might as well be.

PsychoPricing is a video-based digital course you can do anywhere, anytime.

Wonder if your price seem too expensive compared to others?

Too cheap? 

What’s the optimal price, and how do you know?

Charge too much, and you’re losing clients and customers. Charge too little, and you’re losing money. 

And so the saga goes.

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Learn how to put it into action in your small business

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Understand how and why people buy based on their emotions

Get the low-down on what makes a price attractive, and use that to tempt your customers to buy.

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Unlock the pricing secrets that help you to sell to your customers

What to say, what colors to use, and how to price a sale or a promotion the right way.

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Get more dough, and boost your profits with science

Get the step-by-step guide and easily create your prices. Use the pricing spreadsheet to show you what you SHOULD be charging.

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Look inside today & watch two lessons free 


Curious? Why not have a look around RIGHT NOW! No commitment - take a peek and see if you like it!

PsychoPricing is based on how people really behave, and what makes them buy. With easy-to-follow examples, so you'll never be stuck on pricing again.

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Don't kick yourself. It's the right time of year to run an amazing promo *and* put your prices up. We'll show you how.

With easy-to-follow examples, so you'll never be stuck on pricing again. 

Guess what?

Your clients aren’t choosing based on facts. They choose on EMOTION and making INSTANT decisions. Let's learn how to use that power for your profits!

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Clarke Ching, Author

I just loved this course. 

Over the years I’ve read several books on value pricing and paid for one other expensive pricing course, and while I got value from all of those, Hannah Lewis’s course was, somehow, more practical and down to earth, with advice I’ve not seen before. It was entertaining too. 

The bottom line though, is did it help me?  

It did. A week after I took the course I was asked to bid for some consulting and I was able to agree a fee that my client thought was fair, and was 2-3 times higher than I would have instinctively charged.

Learning how to sell myself at fair, but high, rates has, for me, been a far nicer way to boost my income than working longer hours!  

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Kate Wright, MBA

If you've ever wished you could get inside the human brain and really understand buyer psychology then this is THE COURSE YOU NEED RIGHT NOW!

I'll be recommending it to ALL my clients!

If you struggle with pricing, this course demystifies the entire pricing dilemma.

What I love about it? It's based on neuroscience and consumer behaviour research. You'll actually understand the reasons behind why you're doing things a certain way. It'll truly open your eyes.

It's thorough - everything you need to know in order to pay yourself what you're really worth. I had never thought about how pricing looks on the page before - the info in the course blew my mind!

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Andreaa Grad

This course blew me away!

I learned SO MUCH about pricing and how to do it right and it's so fun now. It actually made pricing and my relationship with money feel different and for me that is huge.

Hannah's humor kept the content super engaging, the videos are short and digestible, and it all makes so much sense.

Best course on pricing ever! With psychology so I get the why, and examples so I get the how and so much fun in between.


What you'll gain from each module

More happy customers, come join them!

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Sophie Michals, (SM) Edits

Hannah's PsychoPricing course was immeasurably valuable.

I devoured the course and watched several of the videos multiple times. The course changed the way I think about pricing and helped me  price and package my services in a way that makes sense.

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Rhonda Hale-Tournay

Hannah is a Pricing Goddess!

I’ve just finished PsychoPricing and it was beyond expectation.

There is a method to the madness of pricing. Understanding human behaviour, psychology and the neuroscience behind pricing is a game changer. Now to implement all that I have learned! I can’t thank you enough!

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Jenn Whinnem


THANK YOU HANNAH I am already feeling so much more confident for launch!

Take a look inside 


What do new students think?

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Frequently Asked Questions by clever people

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Look inside today & watch two lessons free 


Curious? Why not have a look around RIGHT NOW! No commitment - take a peek and see if you like it!

PsychoPricing is based on how people really behave, and what makes them buy. With easy-to-follow examples, so you'll never be stuck on pricing again.

I want to look for free

PsychoPricing August 2020 opens for enrollment soon.

Get the early bird offer when you register now. 

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