But you’re not making as much as you should, and setting your prices is confusing. But you know what? That’s not your fault.

You worry that if you can't master this, you’re going to have to give up the dream of working for yourself and to your horror, get a job.

You suspect there might be a way to price that isn’t based on charging an hourly rate, or guessing what to do. One that uses science, rather than the terrible advice you see thrown around on the internet. And you’d be right.

You can use it. You can make this little business you have GROW. And make all of your cubical-dwelling, nine-to-five, why-don’t-you-get-a-job-instead critics jealous as hell. Sending them photos of you ‘working’, while they regret every moment of their lives spent in corporate drudgery.

Harsh? You bet.

Satisfying? Immensely.

To price well, you need to get inside your customer’s head. And what better way to do that, than with psychology.

And psychology applied to pricing? 

That's PsychoPricing.


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  Make more money using brain-based prices  






What if you could boost your profits without changing what you sell?
Bite off a bigger income for your small business?

Consider this.

No more "are my rates too high?" panic.

No more "how do I price this?!" worries.

You can stop worrying about your competitors and what they offer, too.

How would that give you peace of mind? How would you feel if you didn't have to stress out about what to charge, ever again?

Does this sound familiar? 

You want to launch a new product, but you don't know what to charge

You want to earn more, but don't know how to do it

You want to set yourself apart, but you don't know how to do it

You're struggling to find the right pricing structure that works for your niche

You're not sure what your prices should look like, what colors to use, or how price design makes a difference to your profits.

You suspect discounts are killing your profits, but you don't know what to do instead.

But you don't want to do anything unethical or act like Bob-the-sweaty-sales-guy, so you find yourself STUCK!

If you had a map to follow, you could stop worrying about all the distractions and focus on what works. 

You just need to know what to do. 

NEWSFLASH! Your clients aren’t choosing based on facts AND they're not picking you because of prices.

They are choosing on EMOTION and making INSTANT decisions.

This is how people really make decisions 

They scan the page.

They weigh up your offer in an instant.

They use visual cues to decide if the price is high or low. 60% of our brain power is given over to visual processing, so how your price "looks" matters. 

Adding a simple image (the right one) will boost sales massively. 

So, if you're not using brain-based pricing to sell your services, you're missing a huge opportunity.

When I used brain-based pricing, everything changed for me.

I'm Hannah Lewis, and I teach brain-based pricing to entrepreneurs. I help consultants and entrepreneurs to charge the prices they want, and to feel confident when setting their prices.

I remember when it was hard to price my services.  I was nervous about asking for high rates because I was just starting out.

Sometimes I got it right...I tried a little bit of everything: pitching high, pitching low, and yes, working for free.

But ICK! I felt like an amateur and the world’s worst small business owner.

Even though I knew I could get great results for my clients, I wondered if my business would survive. How would I pay my staff? 

I knew there was a whole field of psychology on pricing but I had never really paid attention to it for my business. I was actually looking at how to boost restaurant profits for a friend, and as I researched all the brain ‘nudges’ that can help boost restaurant profits, it hit me!

It was staring me in the face: The Psychology of Pricing.

That’s when I decided to start taking price psychology seriously.

I went deeper into the research - I’ve spent years reading everything I could get my hands on, and I started to apply price psychology for my business. I tried every tactic I read.

At the same time I was adding to my expertise running research into how people make financial decisions – and learning from that too.

Since I've implemented this strategy, here's what's happened:

Before I started using PsychoPricing, I was charging a daily rate.

And I’m no longer speaking at free events for ‘exposure’. I’m getting paid what I’m worth, to be featured on podcasts, and BBC radio, a highly-paid speaker at events, and I’ve even won an award for being a Role Model.

I had finally started charging what I was worth.

Doing something that worked.

And now I want to teach it to you, so you can charge the prices you should, and know how to boost the profits in your small business.

That’s why I created the PsychoPricing course.

Introducing PsychoPricing

PsychoPricing is a system which helps you create your prices and boost your profits, using brain-based pricing strategies, backed by research. 

In as fast as one week, you will use PsychoPricing to: 

✅   Review your current prices

✅   Create your new price strategy

✅   Learn how to show your prices visually

✅   Learn how to talk about your prices, and how to get people to buy NOW.

WITHOUT actually changing your underlying products or services.

And WITHOUT losing money by doing the wrong thing.

Here's what PsychoPricing Students have been able to do

"This course blew me away! I learned SO MUCH about pricing and how to do it right and it's so fun now" - Andreaa Grad, California

" If you've ever wished you could get inside the human brain and really understand buyer psychology then this is THE COURSE YOU NEED RIGHT NOW!" - Kate Wright, MBA

 "When this course came around, I jumped in with both feet. I'll be recommending it to ALL my clients! If you struggle with pricing, this course demystifies the entire pricing dilemma.

What I love about it? It's based on neuroscience and consumer behaviour research. So it's not just “do this, do that”. You'll actually understand the reasons behind why you're doing things a certain way. It'll truly open your eyes.

It's thorough - everything you need to know in order to pay yourself what you're really worth. I had never thought about how pricing looks on the page before - the info in the course blew my mind! "

- Kate Wright MBA

Business Mentor,

Intentio Business Design

New Zealand


Wondering if PsychoPricing is RIGHT FOR YOU?

It's normal to make sure that you're picking the right course to help you get ahead. Let's talk it through:

This program is for you if

✅ You're in charge of how to set the pricing strategy for your small business.

✅ You’re an entrepreneur, contractor or consultant.

✅ You sell products or services, or you’re about to start.

✅ You’re interested in the WHY and the HOW. You want to make your business work.

✅ You’re committed to making your business work, not slinking back to a day job you hate.

This program is NOT for you if

❌ You don’t know what you’re going to be selling.

❌ You’re not in charge of setting your prices, or you’re a reseller of a controlled-price product.

❌ You aren’t willing to change your mind about what you think is true about how people buy, and how you can sell to them.

❌ You're in MLM, or network marketing.


Curious? Have a sneak peek inside PsychoPricing


Here's everything you get with PsychoPricing

✅  The full PsychoPricing course showing step-by-step how to create a killer pricing strategy.

✅  28 videos and lessons to lead you through the course and help you succeed at every step.

✅  Workbook, complete with checklists to help you successfully implement the system.

✅  Pricing spreadsheets so you can work out what you really need to charge.

✅  Supportive Facebook group with other solopreneur business owners running small businesses.

✅  An expert pricing mentor answering your questions.

✅  BONUS 1: How to price for sales and specials.

✅  BONUS 2: How to make offers people want to buy.

✅  PLUS - we'll be collecting all your questions as you go through the course, and creating one big 'how do I answer that?" Cheatsheet for all the students. 


What You'll Learn, Step By Step

  • Uncover how emotion effects people's buying behavior. 
  • How do I handle the "are my rates are too high!" panic?

  • Find out why hourly rates can kill your business. AKA "How do I price based on value to the client, not my time?"
  • Learn the tactics for charging higher prices.
  • Work out how to position your prices against your competitors.
  • Find out what makes people buy, based on how we evolved as humans.
  • How can I talk about my products to increase their perceived value? What language should I be using?

  • I'm trying to develop my prices and don't really know how to set them. Do I check out my competition (locally and nationally?) and go against the highest, lowest or somewhere in the middle?
  • You want your customer to buy? You better know how to present your choices. Learn the tactic which 10x'd sales by taking something away.
  • Uncover the costly mistake most small biz owners make when they price.
  • If my services and packages are similar what will set me apart?
  • Discover the simple-steps to pricing ANY type of product or service without getting lost, confused or stuck!
  • How to craft the PERFECT offer.
  • Uncover the three core pricing tactics which will help you nail the pricing of everything you ever price, and be able to point your customers towards the exact offer you want them to go for.
  • How to draw attention to your offers, so that they leap out. 
  • And at the same time, learn how to make your prices seem less like money, so that your customers see the value, not the price.
  • Are there any particular colors you should NOT use on a sales page? Or to show your prices?

  • Use the power trio of price positioning to target even the hardest customers to sell to.
  • Find out how to be an authority to your customers.
  • Learn how to get the two very different types of buyers to want what you're selling.
  • Avoid making the mistake which turns your customers away. 
  • How can I get my customers to trust me at the prices I charge? 

  • What are the top things you should NOT have on your site because they scare people off? 
  • Why we want what we can't have, and how that will help you sell.
  • People feel real pain when they pay - learn how you can make it painless to buy from you.
  • The little pictures which can make a huge difference to your sales.
  • How to Price for Sales and Specials
  • How to run a sale WITHOUT DISCOUNTS!
  • How create something your customers want to buy!

Little Price Facts

Only 500 copies of the first Harry Potter book were printed in the UK and now fetch over $50,000. Just goes to show...knowledge is valuable. Knowledge about books, even more so! 

"TESTIFY: HANNAH IS F*CKING BRILLIANT AT PRICING. THANK YOU HANNAH I am already feeling so much more confident for launch!"

 - Jenn Whinnem, Private Client

United States

Still thinking about it? Find out if you're gambling your profits by committing these pricing sins....

Frequently Asked Questions by clever people

Once you understand how pricing works, you’ll be able to price anything – products, services, memberships. And it applies to more than just pricing. Because the course is packed with knowledge about how people make decisions (not just buying decisions), you should see changes in how you think about all aspects of your business.

You’re likely to feel more confident about how to position your offers right away – I tried one tactic (pitching the same offer but using a new price strategy) and charged 4x the price and won the business!

At time of writing, 28 lessons, but we'll keep adding content as our students ask us questions about their specific niche. 

You could watch the whole course in a day (just like a Netflix binge), but you might find it’s worth taking your time to think about each module as you go through, and take time to look at the prices all around you, as you’ll begin to notice good (and bad!) pricing everywhere.

No. But I'd be AMAZED if there wasn't an improvement in your business. If however, you’re charging too low (or too high) for something the market doesn’t want – or thinks should be more expensive, you won’t make sales – but that’s exactly why you have the live Q&A support so you can get it right.


My corporate clients are some of the largest companies in the world – but when it comes to large companies I teach them how to make better investment decisions – I’m teaching them how to BUY differently. And if they want to understand how I charge them, they’ll have to buy the course! This course is for small businesses owners because I want you to succeed. I've had too many conversations with business owners who are struggling with pricing, and don't need to, so now I can send them here! Realistically, my private consultancy will be out of reach for you unless you're making over 200k a year. 

PsychoPricing opens again on 21 October.

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